Bite Easy Dental Laboratory



We use quality materials and a range of coloured acrylics and teeth for both NHS and private cases. Whether it be a partial or full denture, each case is fitted to a model before leaving the laboratory saving you time at the chair side.

Vacuum Formed Appliances

With a range of thicknesses, colours and designs to suit your patients preference. We manufacture high quality bite guards, sports guards, whitening trays and Essix retainers. 

Flexible  Dentures

Using two of the industries leading brand material for flexible dentures, Vertex or Valplast gives your patients the best results, ultimate comfort and minimal coverage. Both materials are aesthetically pleasing and can be repaired and added too.

Chrome Dentures

If your patient requires something a little stronger than an acrylic denture, then chrome cobalt could be the answer. With a variety of framework designs and different finishes, chrome cobalt dentures are sure to fit any patient comfortably. 

Denture Repairs/Additions

When the unexpected happens to your patients denture. Whether that be a small hairline crack, full fracture or lost tooth, we will have their denture repaired like new and returned to surgery the next working day.

Plasma Welding

With our high tech, in-house plasma welder, we can  correctly strengthen a chrome denture in the event of needing an addition or repair. This gives your patient the confidence knowing that their smile will last longer.

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